Nord 25 Real Estate

Welcome to the

Named after the latitude on which Dubai is located, (25° north of the equator), we are a Real Estate Brokerage and Consultancy firm with a difference.

While we run the gamut of services, from buying, selling and renting real estate, to investment options and real estate portfolio management, the true offerings that set us apart, are our knowledge and expertise, our perspicacity and our bespoke solutions – each one crafted to the unique proclivities and inclinations of our patrons.

Adept at understanding our patrons’ minds, we leave no stone unturned with our research, our personalized services and our end-to-end solutions. Where we believe we have truly found our métier is in our unparalleled ability to unearth the core of what our patrons want; what they truly desire and yearn for. From there to delivering enchantment, is a short step indeed.

So, what is the difference we deliver to you?

Just this: While we may commit to matching expectations, we consistently exceed them. While we may transact in real estate, it is opportunity we truly offer.

And while no two trades are ever comparable, no two interactions equitable, we promise you that your experience with us will always be a few degrees greater.

Who Are We?

On the face of it, we can be defined as a luxury real estate brokerage and consultancy firm housed in Dubai, UAE.

What we truly are is a firm with a difference, as evidenced by our name, derived from Dubai’s geographical position 25 degrees north of the equator.

Our ambition is to be recognized as a company with a legacy of positive change to the real estate landscape.


Everything we do, is done well and completely.

We offer holistic end-to-end solutions and always remember the details. We are fluent with the loftiest levels of luxury, as well as cognizant of grassroots practicalities. We are as committed to providing you a seamless and trouble-free experience locating your dream home, as we are intent on ensuring you find exactly what you want – and always, something more.

While your aim may be to watch the sun set over the ocean from the luxury of your living room, ours is to witness the satisfaction and joy dawn on your face.

What Do We Do?

We simultaneously exceed expectations across two key parameters – service and product.

First, we exceed our patrons’ service expectations. We offer more, we go further and we give our undivided attention.

Second, we exceed the market’s product offerings. We cover the entire suite of luxury real estate investments – from residential to commercial and from buying and selling to leasing.

It is precisely because of what we do and the relationships we build that Nord 25 is synonymous with the word ‘luxury’.

Whether it is property for investment or homes to live in, we believe that over delivering and delighting our patrons is an unwritten, yet unbreakable imperative. We believe there’s always something greater that we can offer to enhance our patrons’ journey with us.