Nord 25 Real Estate

Nord 25 Real Estate

Nord 25 Real Estate is Dubai’s premium property brokerage firm dedicated to curating bespoke luxury real estate investment and lifestyle solutions.

Our raison d’être is to guide you on a transcendent experience as we open the doors to some of the finest residential and commercial real estate offerings in the investment capital of the Middle East.

Deriving our name from Dubai’s geographical coordinates, we have been proudly serving a global high net worth and ultra-high net worth audience. Our loyal client portfolio encompasses both individual and institutional investors with diverse aims that vary from property leasing, purchase and sale to diversifying and enhancing their personal and corporate asset books.

Our founding members comprise reputed industry experts who have witnessed and participated in the birth and rise of Dubai’s property market from 2003 to its present day landscape. With deep-rooted knowledge, demonstrated success and formidable market standing, our team can be trusted to offer you the best advice – gleaned from their own first-hand experiences.

At Nord 25, our true north is our desire to innovate the real estate arena and set the market standard in open, fair and collaborative property solutions.

Welcome to the world of Nord 25.

We invite you to join hands with us and experience the difference for yourself.



To be the first name in the realm of luxury real estate brokerage the world over. To be viewed as the benchmark in service and offerings against which the industry is gauged.



To offer holistic solutions and insights, step-by-step guidance and offerings that fulfil our clients’ innermost aspirations and desires. To deliver unsurpassed excellence in every facet of every service and ensure unmatched delight for every client.



It is our undertaking that every interaction with all our external and internal stakeholders will be predetermined by our intention to increase value and offer enhanced benefit. It is also our covenant that every person we engage with, will experience constant betterment and advancement throughout their association with us.

Akshay Barar

Founder and CEO

Akshay Barar is an accomplished real estate investment thought leader and entrepreneur.

Born into a family with over 60 years of expertise in pioneering successful business ventures across India, Akshay developed an innate talent for reading the commercial landscape and accurately identifying opportunities for growth.

Akshay established himself in the UAE’s Real Estate arena in its early days, electing to start as a Property Specialist in Dubai and developing an in-depth fluency of the local and global real estate markets.

Over the years, he has helmed exclusive, flagship projects and is widely viewed as a trusted consultant who provides prudent, need-based advice to his clients enabling them to achieve their property goals – be it purchasing, selling, leasing or investment. Focusing on creating intrinsic value for his clients, Akshay hand-holds them to securely navigate the real estate roadmap each step of the way. His consultative approach has enabled Akshay to build an impressive portfolio of loyal, long-term investors and clients.

With his experience and market intelligence-driven insights, Akshay advises on a wide array of real estate services including Residential, Commercial, Rental, Bulk Property, Investment Opportunities and Asset Management. He is particularly skilled at enhancing ROI (Return on Investment) for investors through deal structuring and joint ventures.

Additionally, as an ardent advocate for environmental conservation and sustainability, Akshay launched Ecogreen Recyclers FZC in Dubai in 2021 to recycle plastic waste into useable raw materials and introduce it back into the system to be repurposed. As Director and CEO here, Akshay stewards the business and has secured multi-sector private and government clients.